IRON Token is the World’s first asset linked SmartCommodityTM

The IRON Token is both a financial and a real world innovation. With it’s link to real physical iron-ore the IRON Token is primed to become a trusted stable coin and the standard for payment across the whole iron-ore industry worldwide. IRON Token enables the multi billion iron-ore industy to complete faster, cheaper and more transparent trading of global assets.

The company will following publishing of the Whitepaper, start the marketing of the Tokens through a pre-sale as is customary prior to the general TGE.

Registration of interest in the contemplated IRON TGE

Element is assessing the future launch of the IRON TGE to issue IRON Tokens. The IRON Token is an ERC20-based token that may have significant interest from participants who want exposure to digital Tokens which will be linked to Iron-ore, a natural resource in which the issuer has ownership interests. Note that the IRON TGE has not been launched at this time.

For more information about Element ASA, see You can register your interest and subscribe to IRON updates by completing the form on this site. The contemplated TGE will have certain restrictions on participation by persons from certain jurisdictions, as well as other potential limitations which are stated in the whitepaper.

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